MOSCA   Malta Online Schools Chess Academy

  1. State of the art curriculum.
  2. State of the art training tools
  3. State of the art Tournament playing
  4. Covid Proof
  5. Works with current chess clubs
  6. Works for New Academies
  7. Lots of training support and e mail support.
  8. Developed by a World Class Chess Education and Pedagogical Expert.

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Malta Online Schools Chess Academy (MOSCA) Fantastic  Online / Offline Chess Academy that is Covid Proof.

01. National Chess Syllabus and Bandana Exam System Tesiting System

Our Fun Bandana Reward System ensures the chess students are having fun whilst learning. The National Chess Syllabus was incepted in 2003 in England and was The First National Chess Syllabus in England. Students progress and are award Judo Style Bandanas as they progress from White – yellow -Orange – Green – Blue -Purple – Brown and finally Black.   if students pass The Black Bandana they are then ready for our FIDE Master Training Course.

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02. Our Expert ‘Master’ Staff are trained school teachers and Chess Masters.

Our staff are trained school teachers and Chess Masters performing at ‘A’ in their Masters in Education. Our Online System is simply amazing and factors in Covid disruption of classes. We are here to organise chess education and online and offline tournaments in Malta for everone in our Malta Online Chess Academy..

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03. National Schools Tournaments for School Teams and Individuals.

  1. National Primary Schools Team Tournament
  2. National Secondary Schools Team Tournament
  3. National Schools Individual Champion in their year groups.
  4.  Every Saturday Malta Junior Tournament
  5. Regular online Master Coaching and Online Themed Tournaments.
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Our Services

Parents sign up at our Malta Chess Academy (MOSCA) then approach their schools to run a chess club. Use our Professional Master Coaches or we can train a School teacher to run the school chess club.

Parents sign your child up to our Academy and we will organise and run many types of online and offline tournaments for your children. We are Chess Masters with vast experience who are professionals and we give a VIP service to every one of our Academy students (and their parents)


Clients feedback

Under 14 British Champion with Charlie’s training!

“Hi Charlie, we are very well, thank you! I hope life is treating you well, too! Yes, I am certainly happy to give you a review for your website:
My son, Viktor (14 years old), started training with FM Charlie Storey at the end of February 2017. We chose Charlie, because I saw him training a young boy and was impressed by his friendly approach and captivating explanations; I could also see that the boy was having fun and was enjoying the chess lesson.
After seeing Charlie in action with that boy I found that he had trained some of the top English juniors. One of our goals, when asking Charlie to coach Viktor, was for our son to perform well at the British Chess Championship in July-August, 2017.
Between March and August 2017, as a result of Charlie’s lessons, Viktor gained more than 200 ELO points and became the U14 British Champion.
On a personal level, Viktor became a lot more confident and practical with his play; Charlie helped him get over the fear of losing and showed him that chess is an exciting adventure in which we squeeze every opportunity and fight until the end. Since I have witnessed most of Viktor’s lessons, I can say that each of them is interesting, engaging and fun; Charlie’s explanations are clear and he would always give generously of his time to make sure Viktor understands; the homeworks are challenging, but rewarding.
Very importantly, Charlie is positive and encouraging and, together with the inevitable search for weaknesses, he also points out the strengths in his students. So I would wholeheartedly recommend FM Charlie Storey as a Chess Coach.”
Zhivko Stoyanov. (Father of Viktor Stoyanov)

Testimony to Charlie’s Private Coaching

Shivam has been training with Charlie for a couple of years. His confidence has grown a lot besides getting so better in his tactical and positional game. Shivam loves chess and thanks to the able guidance of Charlie, his rating (both ECF and FIDE) has been consistently increasing over time. Shivam’s joint second in the prestigious U12 British Chess Championships in summer of 2019 was a highlight and testimony to Charlie’s coaching.
Shivam’s Dad

Great Private Master Chess Coach

Chess Master Charlie Storey always ensure each lesson is fun and that my son can tell me what he learned after each 1 hour lesson. Charlie ensures that their home learning is fun and that they can manage it on their own which enthuses him to play and learn more.

Chris Fairley