National Primary Schools Team Championship 

Enter your school chess team into National Primary Schools team Chess Championship hosted in our Online/ oflline Academy Platform

Malta Online Schools Chess  Academy (MOSCA)

All Schools and  school students must be members of our statte-of-the-art Chess Academy to  participate in online and offline tournaments to ensure smooth safe running and good communication between organisers, school head teachers, parents and students.  Sign up here.for weekly, monthly 6 monthly otr yearly to give your child the best pedagogical advancement of their chess learning.


 Malta Primary Schools National team Chess Championship 2021 

01. Organised by managed through Malta Online Schools Chess  Academy (MOSCA)

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02. Our Expert Staff are world class in their field with evidence available if needed.

Project manager is FIDE Master  / FIDE Trainer Charlie Storey PGCE, who has a wealth of tournament organising experience from junior tournaments to Grandmaster Norm tournaments and running chess festivals.

03. Best Academy, Best Coaches, Best Organisers, Best Venues – Simply the best.

Partner with the best chess education organisation in Malta to give your child the best possible chess education and playing experience.

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